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about me

WARNING! I am not your typical hairstylist...I am LaTasha the Hairapist.

More than just a natural and curly hair specialist, I am a hair care therapist (aka: Hairapist). My sole purpose and desire is to protect and care for your hair. As your Hairapist, I intend to relieve you of the constant internal battle and heal your broken relationship with your hair. Long story short--things don't have to be as difficult as you think with your hair. From the "low maintenance" hairstyle to the on-the-move "wash and go", you can enjoy your life while loving your hair!

As your Hairapist, I listen to your hair concerns and give you real solutions. I answer your questions and address challenges. I identify your hair needs and together we develop your personalized hair care regimen to keep you and your hair happy and healthy.


I became a certified Deva-inspired stylist in 2010.  After realizing I love and enjoy catering to natural and curly hair, I took the Deva advanced course in New York City. From 2010-2016, I was a Master Stylist at MaduSalon in San Francisco where I received 5-Star reviews for my specialized curly cuts on Yelp, Demand Force and other social sites. The high demand for my services required clients to book appointments 3 months in advance.

Today, I have a fully developed hair care system with personalized techniques. My hairapy sessions are constantly changing clients' lives by providing the knowledge to optimally care for their hair...It's time for your hairapy session! 

Hair is an accessory; but let's face it, it's also a necessity. It's amazing how hair impacts our lives. Take it from me your embracing our natural hair we are embracing our natural beauty!


LaTasha Lathen

Your Hairapist

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